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Spring Brake at GingerMan Results
VSCDA's Spring Brake event at GingerMan
was another great vintage weekend, with a
sucessful drivers school and exciting races in
every class.

In the Formula Vee Saturday Sprint race the
top three finishers were Garrett Van Camp,
Chuck Buysse and Frank Newton, in that
order. The top three finishers in the Sunday
Feature race were Garrett Van Camp, Chuck
Buysse and Ricky del Rosario.

Congratulations to our podium finishers, and
everyone who participated in the weekend!
Full results from the Vee events can be found
on the
Race Results page. The Points
Standings page has also been updated. Note
there are new scoring rules this year so be
sure to check out the
Rules page for details.

Next up is the
Blackhawk Classic XXII, once
again held over Father's Day Weekend.
Blackhawk Farms Raceway is a favorite for the
Vees and draws entrants from as far away as
Texas. If you haven't already, be sure to click
the link below and register now before the
early bird pricing expires!
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New GingerMan Videos
Jeff's Sprint Race
Jeff's Feature Race
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Blackhawk Vintage Classic XXII Results
The second race weekend in the Vintage Vees
season is in the books! It was another beautiful
weekend at Blackhawk Farms Raceway and for
once the rain managed to stay away the entire

The top three finishers in the Saturday Formula
Vee Sprint race were (1st) Garrett Van Camp,
(2nd) Chuck Buysee, and (3rd) Bill Griffith who
brought his Warrior (and a few other cars) all
the way from Texas.

The Sunday Feature race went the full 15 laps,
and when it was over (1st) Garrett Van Camp,
(2nd) Frank Newton and (3rd) Chuck Buysee
took the top three podium spots.

Points Standings have been updated with
the latest results.

Next on the schedule is the
Waterford Hills
Vintage Races July 25th through the 27th in
Clarkston, Mi. Fees include Friday practice and
a steak dinner! Best of all, no payment until you
check in!
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New Blackhawk Videos
Jeff's Sprint Race
John Kennelly's Feature Race
Jeff Tschiltsch & Bill Griffith's Feature Race
Full Race (15 Laps)
Next Event:
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Waterford Hills Vintage Races Results
The Vintage Races at Waterford Hills were held over the weekend of July 25th - 27th.
While we had a smaller turnout for the Vees than at our VSCDA races, the Waterford
folks treated us great and there was even a vintage VW Beetle as our pace car.

Saturday morning qualifying was cut short after Jerry Baker took the "Swamp Turn"
literally, and ended up 60 feet into the reeds. Jerry and the car were fine, and we
learned about a Waterford Tradition: if you end up in the Swamp, you are now the
"Swamp Thing" until someone else claims the title. Congratulations Jerry!
The Saturday race was 12 laps and the top 6 finished in the same order they qualified. On
the podium was Garret Van Camp (1st), Chuck Buysee (2nd), and Frank Newton (3rd). Mike
Kitzmiller actually made a great start from 4th and had 3rd position well in hand until he went
off in the Esses on lap 11, which allowed Frank to slip by.

The Sunday morning race was 8 laps, with the grid positions determined by the Saturday
race results. The podium was exactly the same as the Saturday race: Garret Van Camp (1st),
Chuck Buysee (2nd), and Frank Newton (3rd).

Rain threatened all day on Sunday and in an effort to beat the weather and get everyone's
races in, the final race of the day was a Small Bore Open Wheel special, combining the
Formula Fords, Formula Clubs, Formula Jr. and the Formula Vees in one race. Don Carone
continued the tradition of a Ricky Bobby Racing team driver winning the Formula Ford class
and was 1st overall, and in the FV class the top three finishers were (wait for it ...) Garret Van
Camp (1st), Chuck Buysee (2nd), and Frank Newton (3rd). Combining the  groups worked,
as all the races were completed just before some torrid weather hit the area.

points standings have been updated reflecting the Waterford Hills results. Speaking of
the standings, there's been an update to the rules based on the possibility of there being
four races at Grattan Raceway, our next event. In an effort to keep each race weekend
relatively equal in value, the rules have been updated that the maximum number of full points
races for an event shall be two, and a max of one special half-points race. Each drivers best
results for the maximum number of races will be counted. See the
rules page for the latest.

See you at Grattan August 15th through the 17th!
The modified Swamp Buggy ready for action!
"Wait, I know a shortcut to the lodge ..."
New Waterford Hills 2014 Videos
Saturday 12 Lap Race
Sunday 8 Lap Race
Sunday Small Bore 10 Lap Race
Ride With a Champion
With the 2014 Elkhart Lake Vintage Festival at Road
America fast approaching, I thought this would be a
good time to post Garrett Van Camp's epic drive in
the 2013 Sunday Feature Race. This race featured
a four-way battle at the front between Garrett's '69
Lynx B, Mike Jackson in the white '69 Templeton
Shadowfax, Frank Newton in his red '69 Lynx B, and
Chuck Buysee in the yellow '67 Kellison. The gap at
the finish between 1st and 4th was 1.046 seconds!
That's Vintage Formula Vee racing.
Click to watch!