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The Dewey Dellinger Memorial Award is a traveling trophy, awarded each year at
Grattan, by a vote of all Vee drivers, to the person who best represents a love of
and dedication to Vintage Vee Racing.

For the 2012 Race Season, the Vees are proud to present this award to veteran
Vee driver Garrett Van Camp.  A long-term instructor in the VSCDA Driver’s School,
Garrett is always the first to share his years of experience with less seasoned
drivers.  He is also a willing source of knowledge for car setup and often teaches
with a hands-on style.  In addition, he has crafted several unique Vee accessories
and tools to help make the cars easier to work on and safer to drive.  His “Golden
Toe” setup bar is a perennial favorite at the drawings held at the VVV trackside get-
togethers.   When we talk about Garrett being immersed in our sport, we are barely
scratching the surface.
Garrett Van Camp Receives  Dewey Dellinger Award for 2012
Dewey Dellinger was founder of Victory Lane magazine and a true friend of Vintage Vee racing.  Dewey passed away in
1996 at the age of 47, after a long battle with cancer.  Even after leaving the magazine and giving up his on-track racing
activities, Dewey would be at the track entertaining us as track announcer. His fun-loving spirit is evidenced by his creation
of the Fabulously Fun Fishing Contest at Grattan’s pond and his winning the first Most Outrageous Bathing Suit trophy at
the Grattan pool. In the evenings, you could find Dewey holding court outside his tiny Air Stream. The conversation often
turned to the good old days of racing, or if you just needed a compassionate listener, Dewey was your man.

With this award to Garrett, we remember and celebrate Dewey’s contributions to, and love of, vintage racing and his fellow

Garrett was not able to join the Vees group at Grattan.  He was later notified of his winning of the award and sent us this kind
thank you note:

“When Mike Kitzmiller called to tell me that I had been selected at Grattan to receive the Dewey Dellinger Vintage Vee
Award for 2012, I was both speechless and emotional.  To receive the award once is a great honor and to be selected by my
peers a second time is unbelievable.  It is wonderful to be part of the VSCDA Formula Vee family, and I will do my best to
honor Dewey in the future.  Thank you and see you at the Winter Party and at GingerMan.”
Thirteen seasons of VSCDA Formula Vee races. The 40th anniversary Formula Vee
vintage race at Road America, 45th anniversary Formula Vee race at Roebling Road
plus Waterford Hills, VIR, Mosport and Beaver Run, 1969 Lynx Formula Vee.

Monterey Pre-Historic and Historic Automobile Races: Baldwin Mercury Special and
1965 Corvette

One or two SCCA Regional or National races per year, Formula Vee

SCCA National and Professional Super Vee races, 1972 SCCA Run-Offs at Road
Atlanta, 1971 Lynx Super Vee

Full schedule of SCCA National Races, won National Championship at 1971 SCCA
Run-Offs at Road Atlanta, 1969 Lynx Formula Vee

SCCA TransAm races at Marlborough and MIS, Porsche 911

Full schedule of SCCA Regional, National and Waterford Hills Club races, 1958
Porsche Speedster

SCCA Driver Schools at Waterford Hills and Mid-Ohio, SCCA Regional races and
Waterford Hills Club races, 1958 Porsche Speedster
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Most Memorable Events
  • Winning the 1971 SCCA Formula Vee National Championship
  • Recipient of the 2010 John Bohlander Driver of the Year Award
  • Repeat recipient of the Dewey Dellinger Vintage Vee Award in 2012
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