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The 2013 season is a wrap! Congratulations to our new champion Mike Kitzmiller who
amassed 110 points and just edged out
Garrett VanCamp (2nd) and Chuck Buysse
(3rd). Mike attended and finished all six events this year, proving once again participation
wins the day! You can check the season-ending final points
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tel: 616.916.2650
Don Carone Receives
Dewey Dellinger Award
fax: (616) 258-8128
The Dewey Dellinger Memorial Award is a
traveling trophy, awarded each year at
Grattan by a vote of all Vee drivers to the
person who best represents a love of and
dedication to Vintage Vee Racing

For the 2013 race season, the Vees are
proud to present this award to Don Carone.
Don received the trophy at Road America
and expressed his appreciation to everyone
who races with Vintage Vees.

here to read about the 2012 recipient,
Garrett Van Camp!
VVV Series Title Sponsor:
VSCDA's Elkhart Lake Vintage Festival on September 6-8 was a
weekend of memories and fun for Formula Vee drivers celebrating
the 50th Anniversary of their vintage cars.  The celebration started
on Friday evening with 34 gleaming Vees lining up in front of Road
America's Tech Center in a special display for all ELVF racers, their
families and friends.  The Vee drivers continued the celebration at
their traditional get-together and dinner at all race weekends.  Each
racer received a
Victory Lane t-shirt and a special 50th Anniversary
shirt to commemorate the event.  In the Vee prize drawing, Chuck
Buysse won the certificate donated by Victory Lane for a Dunlop
racing tire.

The 50th Anniversary Feature Race was held on Sunday morning,
with former National Champion
Garrett VanCamp (Bingham Farms,
MI) taking first place,
Mike Jackson (Palm Beach Gardens, FL) in
second, and
Frank Newton (Lawton, MI) in third.  After the race, the
Vees gathered one more time to celebrate the weekend and the
birthday of perpetual front-runner Garrett.  -
Betsy Sodergen
Formula Vees Celebrate 50th Anniversary at ELVF XXVIII
Click here for more ELVF XXVIII pictures!
2013 News
Spring Brake at GingerMan Results
VSCDA's Spring Brake event at GingerMan
was another great vintage weekend, with a
sucessful drivers school and exciting races in
every class.

In the Formula Vee Saturday Sprint race the
top three finishers were Garrett Van Camp,
Chuck Buysse and Frank Newton, in that
order. The top three finishers in the Sunday
Feature race were Garrett Van Camp, Chuck
Buysse and Ricky del Rosario.

Congratulations to our podium finishers, and
everyone who participated in the weekend!
Full results from the Vee events can be found
on the
Race Results page. The Points
Standings page has also been updated. Note
there are new scoring rules this year so be
sure to check out the
Rules page for details.

Next up is the
Blackhawk Classic XXII, once
again held over Father's Day Weekend.
Blackhawk Farms Raceway is a favorite for the
Vees and draws entrants from as far away as
Texas. If you haven't already, be sure to click
the link below and register now before the
early bird pricing expires!
New GingerMan Videos
Jeff's Sprint Race
Jeff's Feature Race
Have a video to share? Send the
link to
Jeff and have it posted here!
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